Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back in the Land of Rubber Boots

Apparently it rained the whole time I was gone.  The stalls were a mess, so I decided to go out and dig after my daily walk.  Lonely me and a pitchfork weren't going to cut it, but I decided to do my best. 

What a lovely surprise that I got a little help from my husband and John Deere: 

I don't usually get volunteers for the garden or the stalls. 

My other lovely little surprise today was the company I had on my walk: 

This little dog usually greets me on my way up the  hill and on the way down.  I was a little disappointed that she wasn't out as usual, but figured I'd catch her on the way down.  I guess she twigged to the fact that I had already gone by and chased me up the road.  She decided, being half a mile away from home already, that she was going to accompany me the whole way.  After about four miles, she was pretty pooped and glad to get home.  I hope that means she won't follow me again - although she is MUCH nicer to walk than my dogs - even off a leash.  She listens and she heels.  Her current owner told me once that he leaves her untied because she just showed up one night and he figures someone will come claim her.  I don't think so, she's been there for years. 


RAILBIRD said...

Welcome home!!

Chai Chai said...

I have tractor envy. That has to come in handy around your place.

NancyDe said...

You know, Chai Chai - the grass is always greener - I have tractor envy for the much larger tractor next door.

Thanks, Railbird.