Saturday, June 23, 2012

ISTE 2012

Well, just color this country girl a little overwhelmed.... cities are big and I feel kind of lost.  I am sure being tired isn't helping with all that.  There was some pilikia at the airport - people wanting me to switch seats so they could sit by their friends (makes me feel like chopped liver - no one wanted to sit by me - or maybe like I was back in 7th grade), but it worked out great because I got to sit next to an off-duty flight attendant who knows the several members of my in-laws who are pilots for the airline and he talked just enough and was quiet just enough. 

We landed at 11 pm local San Diego time - and it felt like 11 and not the 8 it was at home, so I am not dealing with jet lag.  Neither my co-worker/ISTE roommate or I slept in, so now it is hitting me. 

I am feeling torn because Ohia, although his abscess is draining, is still really hurting.  My husband said he was out most of the day - probably because he was in horse jail along with the Crazy Horse - but mostly because he was feeling able to walk out, which is good.  This was one nasty, nasty bout here, and I am not sure he is going to pull all the way out of it.  It's hard to be away. 

On the other hand, there is a lot of stuff I can learn here - if I can just figure out how to navigate this HUGE convention center and find the workshops, presentations, etc. that I would like the most.  I get the feeling that you need to come to more than one of these to really figure it out - even Twitter feed isn't helping....aaargh!  

Off to meet my classmate from high school who lives in the area.  Very excited! 

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