Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Feeling Distinctly Put Upon

First, my Kitchen Aide mixer is broken and past its warranty.  I am SO sad about that.  Not sure how I am going to do without it - the old fashioned knead by hand routine again until I can convince my husband to take a look and/or spend the money to get it fixed. 

Second,  that darned Crazy Horse got through my fence, through the thick and over grown empty lot, and into the neighbor's nice manicured (think retiree - golf course like lawn).  His son is a NUT JOB and so I spent the first half of the morning worried that he would either shoot me or the horse - then spent the latter half of the morning wishing he would shoot either me or the horse.  Feeling bad about the millions of divots that the maniac gray monster left while gaily running away from me and the good neighbor from two lots down- but figure since his nut job son shot my dog (who didn't die but did come home with entry and exit wounds) and has some illegal greenery growing we could probably call it even at this point.  I finally gave up on the runaway and went home to bake cookies for the good neighbor, who took off work, cut his fence and got my horse locked in his pasture with his horse.  He said he'll catch him later and walk him home. I am actually wondering if they would rather keep the horse....sigh.  He's ridable, unlike either one of their horses (they have a laminitic horse and their own crazier-even-than-mine gray horse - weird huh?) 

I am now a little irritated that my stay-home husband knew about some rusty fence and didn't repair it, and irritated with myself because I heard my dumb-okole little dog (who masquerades as a border collie but is no help at all) barking last night.  My guess is that she chased Gibby until he decided to run through the weak link in the fence.  If I had gone out and given her what-for, maybe I could have averted it. 

Things aren't really going that well this summer - what with all the (mild but still painful) kid drama, things that go wrong all at once - sick horses, runaway horses, butting rams, broken mixers, and a washer that is giving me issues.  I suppose it will just make me happy to get back to work???  Hmmm.  


tami said...

Oh boy...Sounds like you're about to snap. Have I had days like THAT! Still, I haven't had a neighbor shoot my dog. (How do you live with these people?)

NancyDe said...

He actually shot her several years ago - their lot is 600 feet away. We've managed to ignore each other for 16 years - in spite of our daughter's being best friends when they were small (she could only visit the grandparents when he wasn't home - they have two houses on the lot) and in spite of the certain amount of visiting happening with both houses' dogs. Grandpa used to feed my dog when she was a puppy and came to visit, so of course, she did go to visit - and then NUT JOB shot her. She lived. My theory is that the dog was too stupid to die.

Deb said...

Hey Nanc, What about a vacation to WI, you can bring your sheep along ;)

NancyDe said...

Hey, Deb, I was just thinking of you on my walk....which one do you want me to bring? How about that pretty black and white ewe lamb?