Saturday, June 16, 2012

So Much to Do, I Don't Know Where to Start

I must pull down those bananas - today.  They are ripening too much and I am going to have to freeze them for smoothies or bake banana bread.  There are always household chores to do.  I think I am having a delayed crash - three weeks after school is out. 

Usually, I spend the first week after a hard school term resting a lot.  I didn't do that this time and I didn't think I needed to - but I am just not on my game.  There are garden things to do and household things to do - and all I want to do is go on a long walk and then either go to the beach or take a nap or read a book.  I know from years of experience that this enervated and listless feeling passes after 4-6 days of resting, but I feel guilty resting with so much to do! 

On top of this, Ohia is just not getting better - and I can't get the abscess to drain - it must be fairly high up in the hoof, because a hoof tester isn't finding the point of tenderness.  This is normal for him, because he usually drains his abscesses at the coronary band, which is a pain in the behind.  The usual anti-inflammatory isn't having as dramatic effect on him - I am sure he is somewhat inured to it after a decade of these problems.  It's kind of like watching your kid suffer....

Speaking of kids suffering - I am kind of having to watch that, too - trying to get kids smoothly through a transition (plus getting me through it).  Break-ups and that kind of pain, and who to live with and where and can you afford it?  (and secretly thinking, "Why don't you just stay home and wait to move out at least one more year? It's so hard getting used to college, much less learning to live with roommates and buy and prepare food." ... and then wondering if I am just feeling that way because I have issues with my kids growing up  - which I SWORE I wouldn't do.) 

I guess all this might be the reason I want to stay upstairs in my room with a book (now that I've finished with the walk).  Good thing I can look out the window and see those darned bananas - that will keep me from being lazy. 

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