Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Traveling, Technology, and Communication

I am a person of routine; I have to admit that.  I like having similar breakfasts every morning and knowing when I am going to do things and in what order.  I would like to think I am more spontaneous than that, but the truth is - I want yogurt and fruit or eggs and vegetables in the morning, and I want to have my walk and feed the animals and check out the plants.  I am not so stuck that I have to do things at the same time or in the same order, but I do like familiar things.

On the other hand, this conference is amazing!  So many ideas - so MANY people - and so much walking, walking, walking (the San Diego Conference Center is ginormous).  I didn't do anything I planned to do today - I didn't walk to the church a mile and a bit away.  I didn't get up and go to the gym.  I didn't find a grocery store and buy yogurt for breakfast.  But I did have breakfast with great teachers from my school and I did go to a fabulous session on digital storytelling and walked around and looked at posters and displays from many different schools.  I collected what feels like billions of brochures, business cards, and these silly little ribbons which you can stick together - I have "Blogger", "Plays Nice with Others",  "I love Edutopia", "I Color Outside the Lines" (my favorite ribbon is "My Brain Hurts")....and I have my eyes peeled for "Trouble Maker".  I have filled out every conceivable raffle ticket available and I plan to enter every drawing for a Kindle Fire or an iPad or document camera out there.  I can feel that by Thursday, my head is going to be seriously stuffed full of new ideas.

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