Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Laid The Garden Out on Paper

I decided to put down my garden plans on paper for now, March, and June.  I have never done it for several seasons, and it really does help.  I know collards are nearly perennial here, so they just stay put, and everything kind of rotates around since we have a year-round growing season. 

There are some seasonal things - like beans do better in the summer and broccoli bolts if you don't plant it in November/December, but basically leafy things and turnips grow all the time. 

I was hoping it would motivate me, as well, since the last two weekends all I have done is poke around and weed the sweet potato.  It's the end of the term here at school and I am drowning in paper.  And surveys - my organization like surveys.

After I make the Christmas cookies - another thing I have put off, but school lets out next week and I want to make cookies for co-workers - I am going to sit down and look at what seeds I have and ponder whether I need to add or remove from my three season plan.  It's time to dig in and plant.  

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