Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wet Thursday

Oh, my goodness - it is THURSDAY!  Only 5 days before Christmas, and I have done very little shopping. Yesterday was our last day of school, and it is a lovely day, too - a celebration of the Founder's birthday.  I love our Founder and the ceremony honoring her birthday is one of the highlights of the school year for me - but dang, sometimes I wish she were born just a few days earlier! 

This is a pretty amazing ceremony, this celebration;  I was trying to find a video that I could post, since neither my camera nor my phone are at all good at video, but no luck - or rather the embed codes aren't working for some reason.  Rural internet?

Anyway, the kids sing in four part harmony, and there is one song where each of the parts of the school (Haʻahaʻa, Waena, and High School) sing different verses, and it so beautiful - never fails to bring tears to my eyes. 

It's just pouring down rain, buckets of it.  When I went out to feed last night, Thing 2 didn't come in, so I had to go slopping through the puddles and sliding in the mud under the trees to find him.  I felt like Jesus, the Good Shepherd, seeking for the one who was lost.  However,  I am certainly glad I don't have 99 more in the barn!  He started calling back when we started calling him, so it made him easy to find, and as soon as he saw me, he came running.  You'd think he could find his way home - he was just over that small hill in the back....

Later, at a party, I talked to a co-worker who'd visited the man who bought Buddy a few weeks ago.  Buddy is still mowing lawn, but I am not sure he won't be Christmas dinner, but I was irritated to find that he was alone in the back yard, and not in the neighbor's pasture with other sheep like we were told he would be.  I was really upfront with the guy that I wouldn't sell just one sheep if they were going to a place with no other sheep.  Kind of mad, actually, that he may have been untruthful. Poor little Buddy. 

Niele's baby whose born just a little while ago is gigantic - shiny coated, fast, and independent.  He's the best looking ram lamb we've ever had, so I am keeping him intact.  I do hope he doesn't take after Elvis, though - at least not in the protective mode. 

Okay, I should get up.  We might want to head to Kona for that late shopping - quite a drive. 

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