Friday, December 21, 2012

Missing My Family

I really miss my parents and step-parents as Christmas gets closer, and I miss my oldest daughter, who will be home in six days, so it's not that bad - just wish she could be here on Christmas.  I even miss my kid who lives 20 miles away and whom I see nearly every Sunday (and saw on Wednesday for about 5 seconds).  I miss my sister and my nieces, but they're coming for just two days (but coming!),  in a little over a week.  

Maybe I miss my family so much because of the blustery cold weather and gloom outside, but I think it is because my dad always made Christmas really great - even now I love to get the corny emails with Christmas jokes and animated Christmas cards.  But it would be a lot better if he and my step-mom were here.  I am, as usual, just doing my Christmas shopping now, able to mostly do this because of my dad's generosity, and all I can do is make something at home and mail it - and I can't even get it out on time, because of trying to close out the semester at work.  I gave up Christmas cards years ago - isn't that pathetic?  I still have some die-hard friends who mail out the cards with the typed letters and the family pictures, but I am never that organized;  I am amazed, truly, that I am still on anybody's Christmas card list.  I am much, much better with email. 

Today, I made pumpkin bread pudding, pumpkin custard, banana bread, fresh ginger bread, and in a moment, I am going to put up some of the vegetables in the fridge - just going to rest for a few minutes, because I have been busy since fairly early this morning and it is supposed to be my vacation.  I was really sad that my hens have slowed down - probably a combination of age and the dark, cold weather we've been having - but I had to actually buy store eggs for the baking today.  I should raise the price on my eggs, because they've really gone up at the store, and they are nowhere near as nice as mine.  Plus, layer pellet has gone up quite a lot in price - although we only give them enough to entice them in at the end of the day. 

Well, I suppose I'd better get moving on the rest of the tasks I set for myself today - one more load of laundry to fold and those veggies are calling to be made into canned goods!  I hope you are all having a restful lead up to Christmas, and that no one is as unprepared as I am.  At least, I found a nice roast in the quarter of a cow in my freezer - Christmas dinner is chosen!  Pull some sweet potato leaves and bok choy from my garden and hope there are a few last tomatoes and that one lone cucumber to add to the lettuce in the green house. make some dinner rolls and some potatoes, and I am ready to go.  

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