Friday, April 26, 2013

2 am Wake-Up Call

I heard a sheep making an urgent noise at 2 am.  Found her struggling a little, but the result was a little black ram lamb.  Everyone seems to be fine, but she's a little confused.  We'll have to keep them locked in together a bit longer than Oreo and her ram lamb.  This one is Lepo (because she always looks a little dirty).  She's the one who had the claw injury a few months back. 

I thought about putting her in the small pen, because when I looked at her last night at dinner time, I figured she was going to deliver soon, but it's so hard to tell with first timers.  I wish I did, because trying to get her in the pen was a bit more of a rodeo than I wanted at 2 am.  She didn't figure out how to follow her lamb's voice, even when I held him right under her nose.  I finally had to put him in the pen and pretty much grab her and wrangler her in.  She is interested in him when he's right there in front of her, but she can't figure out where he went if you try to lead her holding him in front of her.  Not the brightest sheep in the flock, I guess.  

Now, we've only got Makamae to go - I think she's not quite there, yet.  Oreo isn't bagging up, yet, so she's not due for awhile, I guess, and everyone else has had their lambs - at least for a few more months.  I did put an ad in for craigslist, but the people who answered were just dreaming, or wanted more ewes than I wanted to sell.  I really need to find someone to trade rams with, to tell the truth. 

So, anyway, I couldn't really get back to sleep for a long time, and I got up at 5 am for work pretty tired.  Unfortunately, we had a tech conference at our school and I did a presentation and felt like an idiot - I was so tired and so nervous and generally wishing I could just be at home.

Although I love my job, am passionate about it, am grateful beyond words for the organization at which I work, I must admit, the last month has been quite a tough one - and presenting a tech tool that I really like but don't feel expert about on a couple hours of sleep when you already feel like a putz - well, it's not all that much fun. 

Good thing the tool is cool enough that it eventually came out okay. 

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