Sunday, April 28, 2013

Full Ewe and Lamb Pen

When I went outside to do CDT and castrating for the our two little ram lambs born this week, I found two more little surprises.  Makamae surprised me last this morning.  I checked her last night and didn't think we were that close, but I guess I was wrong:  a little ram (sigh) and a little ewe - and of course, the two colorful lambs are rams.  It's a bummer, because I am full up with this line of rams, so I had to castrate.  

 Haven't named him.  No white or brown at all. 
 Domino popped out of my mouth yesterday, so I guess that's his name. 
 These are the two I found this morning.  The white lamb is the ram. 
 I like the little spot on the ewe lamb's haunch and the little bow-tie on her side. 


Deb said...

Beautiful lambs, congratulations :)

Deb said...

And Domino is a perfect name !