Saturday, April 13, 2013

Planted some of those trees!

We planted the Meyer lemon, the mountain apple, the two navel oranges, the Brazil plum, and the fig tree.  We drove around (well, my husband drove around and I followed on foot) looking for good places to plant the sapote, curry, clove, and mulberry, but were unable to make up our minds.  I was okay with not making up our minds, because even planting six trees is a lot more digging than I like. 

I hate digging. 

We took a break in the middle to go watch our son run his 4 x 400 relay (the last race of the meet).  He did well, and that race is always exciting.  Plus, you know, it's last which is exciting all on its own.  Track meets can be interminable in case you haven't had the pleasure of attending one.  They last 7+ hours.  

We had a nice surprise, though.  While we were tramping this way and that, I found a raspberry plant (or maybe two) near the kukui tree.  I was exclaiming, "Oh look - there's a raspberry forming!"  when my husband pointed out that just a little beyond that one was a vine with several ripe berries.  Yummy! 

I have a lot of teacher work and paper work to do tomorrow, but I hope to also pull that turkey carcase out of the freezer to make and can stock.  I think I can manage inputting grades and watching the pressure cooker at the same time.  We'll see.  This is one time the teacher work has to take precedence on a weekend.  I usually go early and stay late and work through lunch during the week so I don't have to do so much grading, etc on the weekends, but this has been a nutso couple of weeks for meetings and trainings and extras like that, plus kids wanting help with other classes, with my class, just a room to use to make their digital stories for their language classes....they know I am the teacher who sits in her room during lunch and is generally happy to see them (or at least, really good at looking like I am).  5 more weeks plus finals....that's all.  I have two work things to do in June, but July is for the farm and the family. 

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