Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I asked my husband if he wanted to do something fun on Sunday after I finished the bills and the grading and generally unfun-on-a-sunny-day sorts of tasks.  I suggested the beach or hiking....his reply was, "Well, we could finish planting those trees...." 

I looked up (again) how tall they'd be, and he got out the tractor to mow some tall grass in likely spots.  We walked around with sticks to place and pull as we mentally figured out where to plant. 

Once we had everyone placed, he asked if I wanted to dig now.  I said, "Nope," and skipped off home to fold mountains of laundry.  I did send out the 15 year old to dig holes, though. 

We ended up planting the curry near the house and water tanks where there was a nice draining spot with a load of compost already there.  It turns out curry only gets to 10-15 feet, so that was nice.  We planted the messier fruit trees up in a small strip of land between the arena and the driveway - clove, sapote, and mulberry. 

Of course, whenever we plant something it either pours buckets or is dry for days - so all 10 of the trees needs to be watered daily as they adjust to life out of pots and in the ground.  My husband wonders why we can't have normal weather?  For us, normal weather means a little sun during the morning (or at least a little dry) getting to rainy-ish in the afternoon, and rainy most of the night.  I don't think we've had normal weather in a few years, though.  It's all or nothing these days - like politics, it seems. 

I'll need to check on the pepper plant (still in its pot under a greenhouse table in the shade until we figure what clump of trees we definitely never want to bulldoze) and the mountain apple, which needs a lot of water and is in this hidden spot near the real apple and the play barn. 

I didn't get a chance to look at them yesterday as we left at 5 am to get me to the airport (I had to go to another island for an all-day meeting) and I didn't get home until well after 7pm.   I will definitely make the time tonight - hopefully my son will finish his track practice a little on the earlier side so I have time to bucket water.

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