Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bummers and a Few Nice Bits

Bummer Number One:  The John Deere is leaking fluid, and it looks like the whole transmission needs to come out for what is probably a simple seal replacement.  Related mini-bummer:  our John Deere dealership doesn't answer the phone, doesn't return calls, and apparently have moved shops. 

Bummer Number Two:  My son's driver and passenger door windows were smashed - apparently a random act of vandalism as the car is 21 years old and there's nothing in it to steal. 

Bummer Number Three:  My daughter had to be carried off the field at the XC race today.  It was hot, she got dizzy, suddenly had to sit down, and couldn't get up.  (She's fine now - hyperventilating and about to throw up when I retrieved her from the athletic trainers).  Too bad, she was running about 15th in an Open race, which is pretty darned good.

Bummer Number Four:  I had my first formal observation yesterday. It didn't go as well as I would hope - I get so nervous in front of grown-ups.  The observers miss all the teaching and notice the kid throwing paper in the waste basket (although the kid who was throwing paper - I would rather have him do that, because he tends to do offensive things to his neighbors if allowed out of his seat).  Anyway, a real bummer for me, because I am trying to be perfect this year.  I feel like I did back in high school.  I went to a doozy of a prep school - pressure cooker stress.  I loved it, but I am not enjoying the visit from my old friend "Perfectionist Nag Voice."  I cried on my principal's shoulder at the race.  He told me to get over it, they didn't spin the wheel to hire me, I am a good teacher - basically, shut up in the nicest possible way.  Thank goodness for my principal.  Someday, when I finally grow up - that's who I want to be. 

So I guess that last bit isn't a bummer - that's a nice bit.  And our coaches measured the course (it was 3.2 miles, not 3) and that means my son made his goal time of under 19 minutes (can you imagine running 3 miles in under 19 minutes!)  He clawed his way back to varsity (he was running at the horrible 8th spot - off by less than a second for the 7th spot). In fact, he's now #6.  I don't know what basically passing out means to my daughter's place on varsity - but oh well.  She wasn't the only girl to tank. 

Nice Bit #2:  When I came home, I let Gibby out.  He followed me around the yard for a bit, which made me miss my Ohia - who followed me like a dog.  Since we don't have a tractor, and we can't let the sheep out because they'll eat the fruit trees and the sweet potatoes all up - Gibby's our only lawn mower. 

Nice Bit #2:  I let some bok choy go to seed and some of the seed got away from me.  I am finding bonus bok choy in the papayas and on the floor of the greenhouse and all kinds of places - lots of lovely dark leafy greens.

Okay, that's my bummers with a few mitigating nice bits. 

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