Saturday, September 28, 2013

Race Day

So windy I had to hold on to my hat - I was glad I didn't have to run uphill against the wind! 

The kids did great, and the boys were very grateful for the li hing mui oranges, grapes, and granola bars - well, especially the grapes and the oranges.  I buy bananas, too, but I end up having to make banana bread out of them mostly. I buy the bananas, because that is what my son likes, and because they really ought to eat them after a race...but they like grapes and li hing mui oranges.  Fortunately, the also love banana bread! 

Both of my kids had their best times on that course, so that was fun.  We drove to Kona, whipped through Costco, and weren't the last family to pick up a boy (always embarrassing when you make the coach wait).  I was amused to see the giant bus drive in and drop off the girls' coach, my kid and one other girl.  I know that lots of families probably took the opportunity to head to the beach after (best beaches are in Kona, if you want sand, anyway) and the bus stopped at the mall first, but it was funny.  The coach was way up in the front near the driver, and the girls were in the back seat.

Oh well, only three more races - plus the state meet, if they make it, but that's on Kauai, so I won't be seeing that one.  I haven't been to Kauai for 24 years - hard to believe. 

We're definitely going to need a pond liner - it's been raining and it's not filling up, even with our clay soil.  My son was wondering when he could swim in in - but when I mentioned the fish to keep it clean, he was a bit reluctant.  I told him the ocean has fish and you swim in it, but I guess a pond is smaller.  I think it is just going to be too cold most of the time - the fish won't bother me, but the cold will.  I am looking forward to having it filled though.  It seems like the bulldozer came on the last possible dry day - the weather is back to normal after quite a long dry spell. 

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