Sunday, September 1, 2013

Multi-tasking and Race Results

I am attempting to answer student emails, bake bagels, bake cookies, make shredded brisket for canning tomorrow, ditto beef broth, and I am keeping half an eye on a movie (the second one in the marathon of making).  Tomorrow I will have to do that canning and make pans and pans of banana bread from the leftover bananas from the race. 

Yesterday, I drove round trip 3 hours to watch the second half of the boys' race (I was late because of SOMEONE wanting to do dishes - yeah, it wasn't me) and the first half of the girls' race - I left as soon as my daughter was finished.

 My son ran the three miles in 22:13, which is pretty good for that course (tough course), but not as good as he wanted - he's been dealing with an injury for a couple of weeks - a nasty abrasion on his leg from doing something fifteen-year-old-boyish.  My daughter ran an amazing 28:03 - for a freshman on that course that is amazing.  She has quite a kick at the end - very exciting.  I was jumping up and down like a fool - so proud of her. 

What's hilarious is that my son doesn't want to talk after races (none of my kids do, except my youngest), but the other boys love to tell every excruciating detail and second-guess when they started their kick and how they ran "the Hill."  It's lots of fun.  My kids start talking after a day or two, but at first it is all eye-rolls and pshaw noises.  I get to hear about pained knees, aching shins, second-winds later. 

I am going to miss it in a few years, when my kids are all graduated - well, everything except planning for the invitational potluck - that's just stressful.  I have 18 families signed up for main dish and pasta salad-y kinds of things and there are 150 people coming.  I feel very stressed.  I think I am going to have to make a heck of a lot of shoyu chicken and chili just to cover the bases. There are 25 more parents, and most times, they just bring stuff without telling me, but the waiting part is a little frustrating. 

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