Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hurdles, Getting Through The Big Weekend

It's been a week and half - in spite of being a short week and not being over, yet. 

I decided to forgo the Ed.D. degree in lieu of pursuing National Board Teacher Certification.  It costs less money - and when I pass my organization will reimburse me.  When I pass, I also am paid a stipend for the life of the certificate, so bonus.  It's pretty much like doing formal observation year, only even more so.  Since I am doing formal observation year, I figured I might as well get the pain over with. 

My challenge is to get it done in one year, which is actually pretty hard.  I also have to come up with the initial investment, but I will figure it out.  The worst of it is having to video myself.  I hate being in still pictures, and video is just torture.  In fact, my husband and I watched 24 years of life as he copied our old VHS tapes to DVD this summer.  There are 24 years of me, aging all the while, making a face and waving at the camera.  It got to be funny, actually. 

I am swamped with work, as is normal for the middle of the grading period, and I am still getting a few new initiatives of the ground - like a peer tutoring cadre, possibly a NaNoWriMo group, and I want to be in on every group this year's content lead set up.  Of course, I can't, and my perkiness is annoying to everyone else on the content lead who hates these kinds of things.  I really can't help it; I love doing research, and I love talking about teaching with other teachers - as long as it isn't complaining about kids or parents.  I get tired of those conversations real fast. 

We're in the middle of a dispute over the non-returned deposit for my son's last rental.  We got this ridiculous itemized list that claimed all kinds of damage to the apartment that was already there (and pointed out when we moved in, but sadly, not written down), damage to carpet from the landlord's own poorly maintained shower, and a "stolen" hose (which my son coiled neatly and put in their shed).  I am livid, frankly, at the really dishonest landlord.  My son and his roommate had left the key on the fridge and went back to do the inspection to find the key missing - along with $48 of recycling money which they had forgotten in the rush to the new place.  Guess how much deposit came back?  That's right - $48 - out of $750.  Guess a little bit of conscience kicked in on this creepy jerk.  He broke the laws regarding landlord-tenants several times this summer, and it was just getting old. 

This guy thinks he can get away with bilking 19 year olds.  Well, he forgot they have parents.  Since the check was postmarked after the 14 day limit, state law says they have to pay up.  They think it's all bluster, as they haven't responded to my email requesting they comply with the law, but I guess they'll feel differently when the notice to appear in Small Claims court appears. 

Saturday is the potluck, big meet day - I am beyond stressed.  That's about all I want to say about that, right now.

My husband could have died when the tractor rolled over on him.  This is one time it's was good he wasn't wearing a seat belt - he was able to jump away.  

Yeah, it's been a stressful week. 

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