Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Finished All of It!

I finished ALL my grading.  Well, except the admissions essays, but all the stuff for my class.  I am done.  I have zero idea how I did this in three days - 75 essays, 75 four page reading work sets, and 75 tests.  Plus the extra credit I let them do if they finished the tests early (tests were graded by the computer, hallelujah).  It's all kind of a blur. 

In fact, yesterday, I said, "Have a Merry Christmas!" to all my coworkers and they just kind of looked at me and said, "So, you aren't coming to work tomorrow?"  Oh, yeah, we had a big deal ceremony at school today - and once again, the kids amazed me with their singing, their hula, their poise.  They looked like rascals at practice yesterday, but they pulled if off today, as usual.  I wish I could just bottle up their singing and put it here - and my own kids are up there singing away.  It never fails to amaze me.  I can't sing for beans. 

I am not, sadly, finished with my shopping - never did bake the cookies, either.  I went for this long walk on Sunday, intending to come back and bake - bought the molasses, the powdered sugar, cherries, walnuts, pounds of butter... And at the halfway point, I suddenly realized that those cookies weren't going to get done.  It was a small moment of rebellion - against nothing, really - or maybe against myself.  I'll get them done tomorrow for the unofficial work party.


Allie is bagging up, finally, and it is thunder shower-y, so it's gotta be soon, right?  Don't they always come when the barometer changes - when you don't want to slog out in the lightning and rain? 

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