Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Lambs

Apparently, there are two new lambs on the farm.  I haven't been home to see them.

Just this morning, I was speculating whether the ewe could have dropped her lambs in the pasture without us knowing - she was still quite large, but she was bulging with milk - like it comes when they've already lambed.  The dogs were running around out there (and were called in and corrected immediately! Dogs are NOT allowed in pasture areas!) a couple of nights ago.  When I got to work, however, my husband called and said, "Allie had two little lambs; they are black and white."

That's all the information I get until I get home and turn them over to look for gender and to iodine up their umbilical cords.  I'll let you know.

One less thing on my mind, no more going out at night with flashlights.  I know you in the Polar Vortex will laugh at me, but it's darned cold for Hawaii up at my house!


HeirloomRosaries said...

Congratulations on your new babies.

NancyDe said...

Sorry they didn't come just a bit early so you could see them. These are a livelier pair than we've had recently. I have a run of very "old-soul" staid and complacent lambs in the last year. These two are more feisty. I had a suggestion to name the ram lamb Balto - good idea, don't you think?