Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Just when I start worrying, it rains.  Nice how that happens - looks like only a couple of days before we have those "light and variable" which really means - from the south, voggy and dry for us. 

Hopefully, this little bit of rain will fill up our tanks, flush the livestock water clean, and just generally help things grow (and toilets flush).

I generally like being on catchment.  Usually, there is enough (and sometimes too much) rain for our tanks, and the sunny days just help our photovoltaic and solar water heating systems help - it's a win-win - when it's raining, you think, "Yay! Water in our tanks!" and when it is sunny, you think, "Yay! My electric bill is going down!"  It would be perfect if it rained at night and was sunny in the day.

The worst times are those "Kona Wind" days (which doesn't come from Kona for us, actually): South winds, vog piling up and imitating rain-less clouds: no sun for solar and no rain for tanks.  Plus all that nasty volcanic gas. 

I guess everywhere has its ups and downs. 

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