Monday, January 27, 2014

Sheep Popping Up All Over - And Stress, Stess is Popping Up All Over, Too.

I definitely need to sell some sheep.  I have a lot of ewes looking round and bagged up and it's just time.  I hope that this time the craigslist listing will work.  I want to sell 10 sheep - all the boys and half the girls.

We're in the middle of our yearly January drought, and I am starting to get a little worried at the state of our tanks.  We're down as far as the pipe goes on the one tank and 3/4 full on the second tank.  I asked the kids to shower at school, since they don't really get the idea of "short" - they are taking shorter showers, but not stop and go showers, which is what you need to do.  Get wet, turn off the water to soap up, turn on the water for a quick rinse and done.  Not fun in the cold(er) winter weather, that's for sure. I don't think it is going to be as bad as the 1998 drought, which lasted 4 long months, a

It's all during my not-so-favorite-time-of-the-year:  taxes and scholarship time.  I hate paperwork, I dislike doing taxes - and scholarships are even worse.  Two FAFSA, two College Board CSS applications, all the documentation, and the high school financial aid application.  I appreciate all the help that the generous Ke Alii Pauahi fund gives to my kids, but the paperwork is stressful.  Plus, I do our taxes and my two college kids' taxes, too.  For an English major it is all very difficult.  At least this English major.

I had this strange dream which was long and convoluted - but the upshot of it was that I couldn't get on a plane because I was buried in receipts and couldn't find anything I actually needed to get on the plane with - and I knew I had left a kitten on the plane which would die if I didn't give it food and water.  I had neglected to do so at the last lay-over, so I was feeling incredibly down because I had left an obligation undone which would hurt a kitten (I know, right, so heartbreaking!)  Everyone who was traveling with me left me behind because they had their documentation in order.  I woke up feeling very incompetent, very stressed, and slightly relieved that I am not that bad - I mean, I am not killing kittens due to my negligence, and I can certainly find my driver's license in my purse and could, in fact, get on a plane, if necessary. 

It still doesn't make me feel better, though.  I just have to guts through this stuff - and I have to guts through my National Board.  I am starting to get a little panicky, because I am having the darnedest time getting the video taping done - nothing has been usable until today - and the video tapes need to be from different time periods and different units, and time is running short.  By unusable I mean you can't hear clearly - I had the camera too far back for the small group work and it was picking up EVERYONE, which means you can't hear anyone.

Oh well, like all the other stressful times in my life - I am sure I will get through this.  I am probably cutting years off my life, but I WILL get through it.

Thanks for listening.  Anyone want to buy some sheep? 

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