Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year

Yes, I know New Year's Day was last week...but today is my first day back to work in 2014.  There aren't any kids, but I am slogging along getting ready for them.  

Challenges to today included a power outage right in the middle of coffee brewing and a broken fridge.  The fridge broke a few days ago, necessitating the disposal of far too much food, jamming what we could save into ice packed coolers and the "farm/overflow fridge."  This complicated the getting ready in the pitch black early morning with no power thing.  I gave up and bought coffee at 7-11 and picked up a manapua for brunch.  I still missed my morning workout - I have decided I want to get back into breaking my workout into two parts on the days I don't drive my niece to school.  I am waiting to restart the 4:30 am workout at home until there is at least a possibility of light happening before we leave for work. In other words, 5:00 am is early enough on these darker winter mornings. 

The fridge breaking also meant delaying my long-procrastinated task of marking admissions papers.  I am now done with that and ready to finish getting ready for tomorrow and Wednesday's classes.  I have a good idea of the flow I want for the quarter, so it's just a matter of laying out the lessons and the days now that we have the special practice schedule up and running.  3rd quarter is devoted to the whole school Hoʻike - which means days and days of shortened classes for practice.  In the end, it is worth it, but I tell you, it feels like a major scramble for class time. 

I think I am on my last bag of layer pellet - no eggs for weeks means when this bag is done, the hens are due for freezer camp.  I wish I had timed this better.  I need to buy new chicks - I needed to buy new chicks 5 months ago - except the new, improved and expanded chicken coop is not yet built. 

I just have to get through National Boards this semester and then I can concentrate more on the homefront. 

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