Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big Weekend

I have been coming home after dark, so the garden is a bit of a mystery, right now.  My husband reports that a dog, or possibly a couple of determined chickens, have dug a hole in the middle of the garden.  I really need to get a permanent place for a garden, surround it by a dog and chicken proof fence and go from there.  It has to be the little dog, because the big dogs spend their days on a long run line.  When the sheep are locked up, the dogs are allowed off for a bit to run around and do their thing.  We notice that they pretty much lay around where they can reach with the run line, after running around the yard for about ten minutes, so I guess the run line is long enough for them. 

This weekend is the regional final race for the Cross Country season.  It's also the last race I will see my son run in, ever, since even if he gets to states (probable), the State meet is on Maui, and I won't be going.  It's feeling a bit bittersweet, because I don't know if my other two will choose XC in their high school career, so it might be my last race, ever. 

I am the "team mom" so I am getting a bit of flack from my counterpoint on the girls' team for not getting "enough" course marshalls.  I honestly don't know what I can do beside ask - I can't fine them, or coerce them to volunteer.  Sigh. 

At work, I am braving the wild world of Math.  I am delighted that the Math teacher asked me to come in and present a lesson on Note-taking in Math class.  I will have crazy busy days tomorrow and Monday, but it's progress...people are asking me for help!  I like to work. 

My daughter is coming next week for a visit.  I can't wait.  I hope that she comes home some and doesn't spend the whole week at her best friend's house.....I miss her ridiculously and tear up everytime I think of her being at home.  I am such a weenie that way.  Hopefully, when all four are out, I am not some sad sack missing my babies.  See - I always thought, with four kids, I would completely be over the moon when they all left. 

My ten minute little break is done here - off to the rest of the day.  I even eat at my computer, trying to work out the online lessons I am making.  If only the software would do what I wanted it to.....without all the little faking-it-out tricks I need to do.


Chicago Transplant said...

Hi NancyDe,

I heard about the earthquake and aftershocks on Wednesday. Did you happen to feel them at all?

NancyDe said...

Chicago Transplant, I haven't felt anything; I only knew about it because I get the Civil Defense warnings on my email. I think they were more over on the leeward side, in Waikoloa - the side that faces Maui!

It seems like there have been a lot of earthquakes in the past few days - one in Tonga that was in the 7's yesterday. Hope we're not due for another tsunami.