Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yet another day I am thinking about mutton.  Specifically, ram burgers.

Remember this past summer when that darned Elvis rammed me twice?  Well, he must have damaged my coccyx pretty good, because every once in awhile I step in a hole or carry a feed bag wrong and there I am again - in pain. 

Sunday and yesterday were the worst it has ever been.  I even missed work.  I never take aspirin or acetaminophen, but yesterday, I took both - and sat with a heat pad and hobbled around like an old lady and tried every stretch I could stand without screaming.  Believe me, I hobbled out to the sheep barn and gave Elvis the evil eye, too.  I didn't expect that to help anything, but it sure improve my mood. 

My son even had to drive today because I am too sore to even attempt the clutch, although I am at work today.  For someone who prides herself on her strength and stoicism when in pain, I sure have been acting like a baby.  I couldn't sit at home and look at all the stuff that needed to be done - too frustrating.  I can't sit (or lay down) anywhere without pain, so I might as well sit at work in pain and grade papers and give the kids a laugh as I move around like a 100 year old with osteoporosis.  


Kelly said...

You may need a muscle relaxer and some Ibuprofen. I have been taking that lately, will start PT for my back. Too many years working in ICU and pulling on 400+ lb pts. Hope you feel better soon. Rotate heat and cold now. You want to chill to decrease swelling of muscle and heat to increase blood flow to heal. LOL. That will be $500.00 now. ;)

NancyDe said...

Kelly, I think I went back to work too soon - not heat or cold available and having to walk up and down stairs :(. I am dragging and looking ridiculous today. How about I just send you some mutton roast in lieu of payment - long live barter.

Chai Chai said...

I broke my tailbone before and if you haven't had an x-ray you may want to consider it. I waited 3 days and was in so much pain that the nurse practitioner I worked with insisted I get it checked out. Most folks need pain meds just to get through the day with these type of injuries.

NancyDe said...

Chai Chai, I know what you mean about the pain. It's been pretty intense, but I don't do well with pain meds stronger than aspirin - so I am just using a combination of aspirin an acetominophen, a lot of (mental) profanity, and moving extra slow - and having my son drive! I have an aversion to the doctor's office - just the thought of trying to get there, out of the car, up the stairs and sitting for hours in the waiting room....just to have them tell me there is nothing they can do but offer me pain meds I can't take because they make me sick....I would rather sit here on a heating pad (which I seriously plan on bringing to work tomorrow) than face that. It doesnt' look like they can do anything for it - they couldn't when I injured it giving birth to my daughter. I don't figure things have changed.

But someday, I will get a nice replacement ram, and Elvis will be history.

Chai Chai said...

I totally understand! I called the Dr who directed me to the urgent care- for a x-ray. I called and went at a non busy time. They told me that I had broke it good and if I didn't take care they would have to do surgery- ugh! They do have some non puking pain meds- I dislike them too! My best friend for months was an inflatable donut that I carried everywhere! They may carry those at a pharmacy. I broke mine sledding with the kids one Christmas day. My saying since then has been "It's all fun and games until someone breaks their butt"! Anyways- I hope you heal quickly!!!

NancyDe said...

I've been using a little travel pillow - you know the u-shaped ones and a gel pack that you can heat in the microwave. The worst of it is - the original injury happened months ago! I like your saying; I may have to borrow it. This feels like childbirth without the nice baby at the end.

Whatever I did to it this time, I can hear/feel this grinding sound. It's just no fun. Teaching distracts me, at least; I can be uncomfortable at home or uncomfortable here - might as well be uncomfortable where I can be useful - I sure can't do farm chores right now.