Monday, October 3, 2011

Pie Monday: Baking with the Daughter

I made an apple pie with my youngest (she cored and chopped the apples with a little hand crank machine and I made crust) and then I made a pumpkin pie for those (odd) family members who don't like apple pie.

I am sort of on an old-world kick:  I made split pea soup, which always reminds me of MomMom, my great grand-mother for some reason, and today I am making Chicken Paprikash.  I am not Hungarian, but my German side does hale from Austria-Hungary, so I guess that is close enough.  I have to cook it ahead of time, since one son has practice tonight and we get home quite late. 

The women on that side of the family  (paternal) were great bakers; I still dream of some of the things my Grandma made.  It seems to have skipped my oldest daughter, but my youngest and I love to bake.  She was watching tv when I asked her if she wanted to "learn to make a pie crust."  She yelled up the stairs, "I already know how!"  I'd totally forgotten that she made the most wonderful crust when my mom was here!  She likes to use that apple machine, so she was lured away from the tv to help with the apple pie filling. 

Her specialty is brownies.  She can whip up a pan in no time.  In fact, her cakes turn out better than mine.  I am definitely more of a bread and pie lady.  When her dad's birthday rolled around a few weeks ago, she was the one who made the cake, thank the Lord. 

I do need to teach her to cook more than mac and cheese, saimin, and spaghetti, though....maybe she can learn paprikash. 


Leigh said...

Oh gosh, reading all this made my mouth start to water. Apple pie, yum. Pumpkin pie, yum. Split pea soup, yum. Brownies yum!

NancyDe said...

I think the family agreed with you on the pies, at least; they are almost gone already! I think you and I are alone on the split pea soup, though...