Monday, August 27, 2012

Beach Afternoon

I have been mentioning to my husband that we should go to the beach all summer.  We come from a place that has a beach that is routinely on the lists for the best beaches in the world, so he is a little sour about the Big Island beaches in comparison.  I just want to get into the ocean.  We live on an island - even if it is a younger island with mostly rocky beaches, there is no reason to treat our life like we live in the Midwest and there is no ocean! 

The really nice beaches are two hours away, but we have some beautiful places in Keaukaha in Hilo.  So, I decided to woman up and do like I did when I was in London and go by myself.  I did the one minimum requirement for myself yesterday and packed up and went down to Richardson's Beach Park.  It was gorgeous and not too awfully crowded and stayed in the water for nearly an hour which eased all the aches and pains caused by working out every twelve hours more days than not. 

I can just see a slice of ocean from my office window, if I crane my neck.  I love my job, but I would really like another beach day like yesterday! 

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RAILBIRD said...

The ocean heals:
The Mind
The Body
The Soul