Thursday, August 16, 2012

Running Silent

Sorry, guys, the beginning of the school year is a mad rush to get things set up and this year is particularly crazy.  I guess that's good - suddenly people want their local resource teacher!  But it makes blogging kind of hard - as well as house cleaning, gardening, etc. 

I really need to get out in the green house and basically pull out everything and replenish the dirt in the pots and replant.  My fairly disorganized house is driving me nuts - all I can reliably do is the main bathrooms, a little laundry, and dinner/dishes.  I am mildly frantic because my oldest came home and said she couldn't stand staying with her brother any more because he didn't have any vegetables, all they had was eggs, and they were both too broke to buy food.  I sat there open-mouthed and thought, "Hello, kid, your mother is 20 miles away - call me, come home and eat, ask me to bring you cooked food - don't just sit there and starve."  He is waiting on his scholarship check and his next paycheck and his room mate to come in from Japan and give him money for the security deposit, propane, and rent. (Roomie arrives tomorrow).  Even if he didn't have the gas to come home - I would have driven down and brought food, for goodness sake. 

So I texted him to ask if he wanted or needed anything - would it be helpful if I made lasagne and stuff to go in your fridge?  Do you want fruit? - he said, "Umm...sure.  Apples."  It makes me wild to think he is sitting down there hungry and not asking for help.  There have been even leaner times in our family life, but I would skip meals to make sure the kids had.  They don't have store bought snacks, often, and they complain, but there's always food.  I should have expected it, though - we found out about the car accident last month by finding the police report on the counter where our son so carefully laid it so I would see it when I woke up.  They didn't call for help, didn't wake us, just handled everything and laid the report on the counter. 

I don't know whether to be proud of his self-reliance or shake him. 


RAILBIRD said...

He is just boy learning to be a man!!

NancyDe said...

He's a good boy and will be a good man - and he was quite happy to have his mother descend upon his place with bags of food and a bike (his car is at the mechanic) - and the tiniest little rice pot you could imagine.