Thursday, August 2, 2012


I am grateful for my children - all of them - but yesterday, I was particularly grateful for my youngest.  She came back from a workshop on Peer Mediation ready to start a group in the high school - and she won't be in high school for another year!  That didn't stop her.  She went to ask the counseling department if they would help.  On her own. 

I am grateful for the new administration at my job.  Really, incredibly grateful.  We had to share three words for how we felt yesterday after our first day.  Mine were "Relieved.  Hopeful.  Grateful." 

I am grateful for my coworker how got here at 6:00 am to work out with me.  I can't do it once the kids are in school, because my son rolls out of bed only after I have yelled, "I am leaving in two minutes!" up the stairs.  I tried to trick him once by yelling it half an hour early.  It didn't work.  But somehow, he generally gets ready in that two minutes.  It makes me ponder the nature of time. 

I am beyond grateful that my efforts with Gibby are starting to really pay off.  I couldn't spend much time with him on Monday or Tuesday, but when I got home last night, he was making those nickering noises that usually mean either, "I am happy to see you."  or "Feed me."  or, you know, probably both at the same time.   I ran toward him - a move that in the past would have had him spinning and gone out the door to the pasture.  He stood rock still, let me open the gate, walk in and approach him.  When I left and came back with a rope lead, he did avoid for a second, but turned around and stood still again.  This is much bigger than it would have looked from the outside. 

It's good to feel grateful for today instead of my usual worried! 

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