Sunday, August 12, 2012

New List

Summer's over and I didn't get to everything on my summer list.  That's pretty typical - I tend to make ambitious lists. 

Here's the end-of-August-through-September List:

Pull out the old jalapenos and tomatoes in the greenhouse
Remix the soil with compost and replant those pots
Start seeds for sale as seedlings
Continue to improve outside garden soil for planting greens in November
Trim Sheep hooves
Finish quilt top (have one of four rows done so far)
Get XC blog up and running (has to be immediately since the season is pretty short)
Pull kalo and replant huli

I have a whole other ambitious list for work.  I don't know why I inflict these lists on myself - I just feel bad when I don't get them all done.  

Oh well, I really want to make cookies for our buildings room cleaner today - he really worked hard on cleaning my blinds in my office this summer, well above and beyond duty. As I didn't finish (or barely start) my Saturday cleaning and as we promised the older kids to meet them for church tonight, I kind of suspect the cookies and the bare minimum cleaning are all that's happening today.  I slept way in today - dead to the world until 7:30!  I mean that's nuts and a list killer.  I can't let that happen every weekend! 

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