Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Rack on the Counter

I have a baking rack that never goes away - it sits on the counter waiting for bread or cookies.  It sometimes gets covered with mail, and it is turning into the place that people put news and tasks for me - the receipt from the latest trip to the gas station, the accident report a month ago, papers that need to be signed.  I would rather have it filled up with bread or cookies. 

Speaking of cookies, the current 10th graders have let it slip that I make good cookies - and the new 9th graders are starting to throw hints.  It's pretty funny.  One of these evenings, I will pull out the mixing bowl and fire up the oven, but today - today, I am pooped.  I haven't had but two prep periods for my own stuff since school started.  I have been in full steam helping other teachers with note-taking and stuff.  Two more days of this and I should get a little time next week to work on my online modules, grading, and general planning. 

It's been raining buckets again - I have to say, the sheep stall is getting quite squishy.  I can see why they prefer to invade Gibby's side whenever they have the opportunity.  Seeing how Gibby is so prone to bolting, it is a good thing that none of the lambs are really that young and can skedaddle out of his way.  12 sheep and a horse in a 20X 24 enclosure is fairly full - but that's where they all go if the rain gets to be too much - or if it gets close to feeding time. 

Although droughts start me to worrying about water in our tanks, a week or two of nice dry weather would be so welcome right now.  I don't think we've had 5 full days of sun since last October - we've had the occasional sunny morning, but the rain comes pouring back.  If it continues, the Cross Country season is going to be quite a mess. 

Speaking of XC, I volunteered to be the Team Parent again.  Why do I do that?  There must be something wrong with me.  Every year, at the end of the season, I think - I will NOT subject myself to this again.  I can't really say no to the coach - and I know he's really glad that I am here.  He keeps saying, "I am glad your son is running...."  Yeah - I heard you talking when my older son was a freshman - you knew you had me for 7 years, if my other son came up, too.

 I don't mind it - except for the potluck for the teams from the continent.  It is always during grade time and there is always at least one other mom who thinks I did a bad job and who audibly worries in front of me that there is not enough food.  There always is.  Always.  The kids and coaches and parents walk away with rounded stomachs and there are leftovers.  I let people bring what they feel comfortable bringing and I don't do the "if your last name starts with, bring..." and we always have a lot of chili and a lot of noodles, but everyone is always happy and full and no family struggled to buy or make something they couldn't afford. 

I got smart this year, though, and asked another helpful mom to please help me with the (damn) potluck.  I kept the parenthetical comments in my head, of course.  No need to scare away the volunteer! 


Pomaika`i said...

I wish some of that rain would come over to Maui! We are getting so dried out, I think we may have a bad fire season. I think it is time for a change. Hope your cistern got replenished!

NancyDe said...

Aloha e Pomaikaʻi: I was wondering how you were doing! Generally, if it is sunny over your way, it is raining our way - and vice versa - so you can see how much rain we get :)