Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Looong Day!

Today was our Sophomore Biathlon at school.  The kids biked 10 miles and ran 3.  I stood at the finish and recorded 144 finishing times.  The funniest were the 3rd lappers, because we didn't reset the clock and they thought they took over two and a half hours and were sure they failed PE.  The clock was off by over an hour, so they were mostly all good. 

It made for a long day.  After that was done, I sat at my desk and graded LATE work.  There was so much of it, that I didn't get to the actually due work, which means that I will be working this weekend.  Oh well.

We lost one of the bottle lambs, which is sad.  We just couldn't get him to eat enough and he never ate the creep feed after Audrey died - he sampled it before she died, but then wasn't interested.  He did eat grass, but we were forcing him to drink milk replacer and he just wasn't getting enough.  We've done fairly well with our sheep at lambing, so I hope we can get back to the "hair sheep have so few problems with lambing" norm.  The other lamb, who was the weaker one at the outset, is eating well and spends his days out in the pasture with the flock.  We still keep him separate at night, so he won't get squished without a ewe to watch out for him.  He can see the other sheep on the other side of the wire divider and he just knows where to go at night.  It's been fairly chilly, so he sleeps in a bowl with high sides.

There isn't much else going on - we're staying home for Thanksgiving because I would like to spend some time with my older son - we only see him on Sundays for Mass and sometimes dinner after.  If we went to my brother-in-law's, he'd be off with his cousins and we wouldn't be able to talk much.  I wish my older daughter could come home, too, but she's staying with my mom.  We'll see them all at Christmas - which isn't that far away.

Next Thanksgiving, I hope that everything on the table, except the wheat for the bread stuffing, will be grown or raised on my place (we made the bread from bought flour - I guess that kind of counts).  This year, it's only the greens and the sweet potatoes that are grown here, but in March I am going to order turkey poults and I'd like to get some seed potatoes, too.  My sweet potatoes are already started.  I've only had luck with pumpkins one year, but maybe if I grow them in the greenhouse.... I would sure be proud of us, if we could grow or raise next year's feast!

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