Friday, November 30, 2012

Who Should Go?

A couple of people have expressed interest in purchasing sheep for lawn-mowing purposes.  I don't really want to sell any of the ewes, and I have already promised Thing 2 (and another sheep) to a co-worker, so I guess I am looking at Buddy, Sam, Koa, or Hulu - or any two of them.  The new ram lamb and Elvis, I am keeping.

To be honest, I wouldn't mind getting rid of Elvis, but he's too dangerous to sell to anyone who has small kids (as both of my prospective buyers have).

I'd like to use the money from these sheep to buy a new ram and to put into buying materials for the ram pen.

It's surprisingly hard to sell the sheep - but that is kind of what they are for and we are certainly over-run with more males than we need.  It's hard to go from too many to hoping nothing happens to your ram and your back-up.


Chai Chai said...

Are you selling them as wether's? It would be safer for everyone if they are only for grass and brush control.

I am happy to see you are able to get something back for your sheep raising efforts. I also love the name Thing 2!

NancyDe said...

They will also be dinner - offering both intact rams and wethers. It will be up to the buyer. Not selling ewes right now.