Monday, November 5, 2012

New Job, Lava, and Peppermint

None of these things has any bearing on any of the others, except that because I moved positions, I have a different room and this one smells like peppermint for some undefinable reason. 

I love peppermint things - especially as we slide into the holiday season.  I really have been trying to exercise regularly and eat healthier, and I thought that these holidays wouldn't be too hard - I handled traveling in June fine, after all.  However, for the last week, I have been so sick with some kind of upper respiratory bug and have been eating far too many easy foods - I didn't feel well enough to plan for the Farmer's Market and I cleaned out and replanted my greenhouse just a few weeks ago, so there isn't anything really fresh at home, either.  (I do have say for myself that I have only asked for one piece of candy from the kids' Halloween goodies, though).  But right now, peppermint ANYTHING sounds wonderful. 

I have been in this new position for, ummm, 4.5 hours now.  I have had my prep period for the day and one class - which I hear is my bounciest (they were great and it was fun).  I am coming in the middle of a quarter, in the middle of a book, and a huge swathe of kids aren't doing well, so it was a little nerve-wracking this weekend. 

However, on the weekend, my husband and I took the opportunity to drive up to the Volcano.  Halemaumau crater is erupting - well, there's a glowing lava lake in the middle of this old crater - and it's visible from the Jagger Museum.  So we drove, stood there looking at it for 5 minutes or so, and then turned around to pick up the kids from the Homecoming Game.  Exciting. 

Actually, it was pretty cool, and you can see the fountaining at Puʻu Oʻo from the top of our road, too, so the volcano is pretty active at this time.  Unfortunately, with our current variable winds, that's meant that we've had vog.  Having lots of vog when you also have a sinus issue is NO fun, no fun at all. 

Okay, I thought I would distract myself with lava and bouncy kids - but I still want peppermint.  Sigh. 

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