Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nice Surprise!

Not a total surprise - I did know Niele was due soon - but came home to a lamb in the pen.  He was born out in pasture and actually made it in with the rest of the flock.  He must have been born this morning, because he's all dry and clean and lively. 

And he's HUGE.  He's bigger than Thing 2, who is coming on 7 weeks, I believe.  I was kind of hoping for a throwback to grandma, who was Dodie and looked very Barbado-ish, but he's a lovely black lamb with a white cap on his head and two white stockings on his hind legs.  Handsome, even if I do long for more variation on the baa, baa, black sheep run we've got going here. 

I love it when things go well without me worrying about them.  I took a look at her last night and thought we had several days to go.  I guess she had me fooled. 

She's a noisy mom - calling when he is standing right there next to her.  She was like that the first time, too.  She had triplets her first time out.  Maybe she things she's missing some lambs here - but he's enough lamb to cover two and a half of her last three. 

They both seem healthy and I hope it continues that way, because losing two sheep in the last month was rough. 


Deb said...

Yeah, Congratulations !!

Chai Chai said...

Nothing better than lambs that arrive happy and healthy with no help required!