Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sunny Day - Time for Farm Inventory

One ewe has a claw injury - gave her a shot of penicillin and wrapped it well.  Put her and surviving bottle lamb in kalo patch to kind of weed around it and provide them with small safe place to be.  Quite a lot of horn missing, so not sure how that will all work out, poor thing.

Five grapefruit on previously non-productive tree!  Yay!

Lots of lemons, as usual.  Yay!  But not as exciting as new fruit varieties.

Olives are recovering well from inadvertent sheep pruning.

Sweet potatoes are flourishing.  Only one purple variety growing true - the rest have seemed to have crossbred into something new.

All cucurbits are covered in powdery mildew - sprayed them all with Neem oil solution.

Walked 6 miles, because it was a beautiful day.

Washed all the bedding, because it is both sunny and windy - so things dry faster. 

Fertilized all fruit trees after weeding underneath them - lemon, tangerine, orange, lime, guava, olive, jaboticaba, and banana. 

Got the kids to wash the cars, the dogs, and the windows for Christmas money.  Everything just feels cleaner!  

Tomorrow's tasks:  making turkey stock and putting it up and baking, probably pumpkin something or other.

Oh, and some grading.  Then it is time to head back to work. 

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