Friday, January 11, 2013

Makahiki Celebrations

Today at school we are celebrating the new year.  In the Hawaiian culture, there was a three month moratorium on work and the people took part in games and celebrations (and women were prohibited from cooking all the time - something that on some days sounds good to me).  Today, we're taking a day to follow that tradition. 

There will be classes and games all day, and I hear that the food was at least partially made by the community around us and not just our already hardworking food service.  I am looking forward to some kalua pig without cabbage - as bad for me as it is!  And haupia! And poi! 

Since we have had some strange weather - alternating sun and pounding, pouring rain - well, let's hope for sun.  Huki huki (tug of war) won't be fun in pouring rain. 

I am sitting at my desk feeling weird as I am in work out clothes - my shorts and the 10th grade class t-shirt - instead of work clothes.  It will make sense later, but right now it feels odd. 

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