Saturday, January 12, 2013

Puttering Around

Today, after my favorite six mile walk, I puttered on the internet, looking for the most broody hen breeds.  I know Buff Orpington's are up there on the maternal meter, but my gals must have missed the boat on broodiness.  I want to build a large flock of chickens that will perpetuate themselves - and lay a lot of eggs.  I was considering mixing it up some - buying a few hens that go broody easily and buying a larger number of hens who lay like gangbusters - plus a few roosters. 

Once I was done with my internet ramblings, I baked a batch of experiment muffins - boosted with protein powder and fiber one cereal (there was this big sale on Fiber One... and there's a large tub of cookies and cream flavored protein powder in the pantry - which my protein powder drinking son does not like).  They taste okay, actually, even if they're oddly shiny and I forget to turn on the timer and they are a little overdone (maybe a minute or two overdone - not burnt, but a bit crispy). 

Then I tried to save taro plants from grass suffocation - turns out they aren't actually doing that bad under there, even if they are pint sized rather than large - and it turns out that an hour of hacking at steel hawser grass is my upper limit.  It's a mix of delicate operation - separating the ha from the surrounding grass - and brute force- hacking at grass with a sickle.  That hour only got me through half a row, but at least I did something. 

I pulled some old lettuce, planted new.  Planted broccoli seeds, pinched some tomato suckers and replanted those, and planted a few cucumber seeds.  Weeded around the sweet potato vines to give the patch room to expand.  Picked a papaya which looked ready, picked a few poha berries, and inspected the new fruits that are setting.  Briefly considered the work it would take to make beds for the lilikoi around the lava rock wall near the greenhouse and put it off for another day when my husband feels like using the tractor.  Played with the horse for 10 minutes.  Looked for eggs (no luck). 

I guess the puttering was fairly productive - not as much as some days, but something, at least. 

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