Friday, January 4, 2013

Volcano Hike

 These aren't actually in order, but here goes.  This is from the Crater Rim trail at Kilauea Iki - in the distance, you can see the eruption in Halemaumau Crater.  It just looks like steam. 

This is the view into the crater - that lighter path is the trail across Kilaue Iki Crater.  You can just barely see people the size of ants to the right of picture.  When I took this picture, we'd just come up the crater wall.  
 This is a picture of Thurston Lava Tube with my family walking away - I wanted to test the camera in low light. 
 My sister's younger daughter at the beginning of our trek across the crater floor. 
 This is my youngest in front of a cinder slide. 

The kids and my sister walking in the forest near the Lava Tube.  

My favorite flower - the Lehua blossom on an Ohia tree.  

These kids aren't hearing, speaking, or seeing Evil.  

Ohelo Berry bush.  

Teeny tiny people on the crater floor - and this is with zoom!  

A zoomed picture of the eruption in the next crater over. 


Deb said...

Cool pictures, Nanc !
Your hike looked like great fun :)

NancyDe said...

It's my favorite hike! Although (seriously) I thought my mom was in a little trouble coming back up out of that crater - thank goodness for trail mix and my step-dad!

Deb said...

Oh no, that would have been scary, glad your mom is ok !!

NancyDe said...

I should have taken them the opposite direction on the loop - just did what we usually do, which is a bit harder.