Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Problem With Bragging

I was just telling the nurse at a routine visit that, "I never get sick; kids cough and sneeze all over me and nothing...."  Funny how bragging always turns around and bites you. 

I have the worst cold at (almost) the worst time.  I am haranguing on kids to get in missing and late work, to jam through these research papers - sending emails, stopping kids in the hallway, running back to my room with my lunch plate so they can come in and work.  It seems unconscionable to miss work for stuffed sinuses and a runny nose. 

Which occasioned the mild argument on the way out the door this morning.  My husband said I was being irresponsible and rude by going to work.  My snuffly riposte was, "Who misses work for a COLD?!"  Burdened by guilt, even though it was those darn 16 year olds that passed their nasty germs on to me, I wiped desks with wipes between classes, washed my hands frequently and used hand sanitizer liberally.  I could have been the poster child for Lysol today.

Tomorrow, though, I have to go to another island for an all day work session;  I am really dreading going on the airplane with my Eustachian tubes feeling the way they do.  I look forward to these meetings a lot, though.  We're working on our own content standards and this is work I find wonderful and fulfilling.  I really don't want to miss it, so I am going to take decongestant (something I never do), buy gum, bring loads of tissues and generally fortify myself for the altitude changes.  Hopefully, no one accuses me of being rude and irresponsible.  I may even bring a tube of wipes.... wonder if it will pass TSA? 

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