Sunday, February 3, 2013

Avocado Seedlings and Replacement Planting

Still fighting the mighty cold I am convinced I brought on myself through bragging I never get sick.  I decided not to hack at the taro this weekend so I don't exacerbate things, but that didn't stop me from checking out what was germinating from two weeks ago and what wasn't and needed to be replanted.

My investigation led me to replant some more corn, squash, and beans - the seeds are pretty old, so it might be a hit and miss operation.  One bean and one corn came up from the first try.  That's a 25% success rate, so I may have to do this a few more times. The collards are coming up and some of the swiss chard and lots of the bok choy, so that will be good.  My poha (cape gooseberry or similar) is going well, but the kids eat them as soon as they appear.  Very good for vitamin C, so I am fine with that.  I moved what appears to be sweet potato from my compost area and replanted it near the Hawaiian sweet potato I have in abundance in several areas. 

In the greenhouse, I planted some determinate tomato seeds, jalapeno, and replacement cucumber - about half of what I planted flourished (2 of four) and so I just planted 4 more seeds.  I cleaned out some old lettuce that was bolting, transplanted a bunch of lettuce seedlings into larger pots, thinned the broccoli, and contemplated the coffee seedlings.  They look like they're getting big enough to move into the ground.  Yum, coffee!

We have an area which was built up with large lava rocks - we've been throwing kitchen scraps there for years hoping to make soil.  Apparently, I have eaten a lot of avocado over the last year, because we had 12 seedlings/small trees growing out there.  My husband and a young man who is staying as a house guest and my 15 year old son went out and planted all those threes up by the riding arena.  Last time we transplanted avocados that grew from seed, they grew well and then just died overnight - the two from-seed ones - while our nursery bought grafted avocado kept going, so I just don't know.  I hope they grow. I love avocado - and they might be a great crop to try for ethanol production.

Allie, Minnie's lamb from 2011, looks like she's due soon with her first lambing.  It's hard to tell, because she's skittish about letting me check, but she's getting bagged up and other parts look like they're getting ready.  She should give twins, or a big singleton - I can't check her well enough because she's very hard to catch and she's always been woolier than she should be - being a hair sheep.  I need to have some help to really get her.  It's funny, she'll eat right out of your hand, but try to move behind her and she's an escape artist.   I do kind of wonder if Minnie had some woolie blood, but Audrey (her mom) looked like a classic Barbados sheep and Elvis looks very Katahdin - but Minnie never really shed her wool and her lambs are the same.  Must be some wild hair gene from generations back. 

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