Friday, February 22, 2013

New baby!

Allie had her lamb last night; my husband didn't tell me until I called right before I left for home.  I asked him, "Ewe or ram?"  He said he didn't check!  So, on the way home, the kids and I were chatting about it.  My son said, "Mom, guaranteed it is a black ram lamb."  Sigh, I have so many of them. 

I was very happy to turn over a little white lamb and find a ewe.  She's lively, nursing well, and very vocal.  Allie has more blood on her back end than I am used, but it seems to have been shed earlier and not continuing.  I am certainly crossing my fingers that everything continues going well - very much not ready for another bottle lamb situation, and Allie is my last ewe from Minnie, of whom I was fond. 

I will get some pictures up tomorrow.  Exhausted after an ambitious lesson plan, full schedule kind of day....and it's getting dark what with all this rain we've had. 

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Julie said...

Congratulations! We are due to lamb in May if the young ram was up to the task. Little late in the year but i don't like milking in the dark!