Saturday, February 23, 2013

Around the Place Pictures (New Lamb!)

 A different view of the greenhouse from up above. 
 New garden area - first pass with the tiller, no covered to kill some of the weeds. 

Papaya trees are getting full.  
 Nani, the cat. 

Baby papayas.  
 One of the workshops is turning into a bike shop! 

Our new baby with her mama.  So happy to have a little white lamb - so many black lambs around here.  They get kind of hard to tell apart.  

Here she is again!


Deb said...

Nanc, Your new lamb is adorable, congratulations !!!

Ruth Dixon said...

Love the pictures. I love a glimpse into other peoples lives. And such a sweet baby. What breed of sheep is that? I have Suffolks/Hampshires, and beyond that I'm lost.

NancyDe said...

Hi Ruth, they are a mix of Blackbelly Barbados and Katahdin, as best as I can tell. Maybe some St. Croix - it's a common hair sheep mixed breed here.

Thanks Deb - she's doing great today - in spite of the flooding rain.