Sunday, February 17, 2013

Waiting for Lambs

Allie is due soon.  Any day now.  It's her first lambing, so we're having that long protracted going-out-at-all-hours-to-stare-at-sheep-behinds experience. 

She isn't very happy about the whole thing.  She keeps staring at her stomach as if to say, "What is going on in there?!"  She is also not all that happy with me staring at her behind every few hours either.  She is a ewe that has always known her own mind, and right now her mind says get away from the starer.  Makes things difficult.  

Meanwhile, it's the coldest winter we've had in quite some time and spitting golf ball sized rain drops at intermittent periods.  Coldest is relevant - it's hitting maybe the upper 40s at night and in the 50s during the day at this altitude - but for us, it's cold.  The sheep don't seem bothered, but of course in the winter even hair sheep have wooly coats. 

I am still struggling along with the minutiae of FAFSA and scholarships and taxes and getting frustrated with a university system that does massive maintenance to its online system on the very weekend people who are filing taxes with college tuition exemptions can file - these exemptions weren't able to file until 2/15 - and they do this massive maintenance now?  And our school shut down their Financial Aid system for 12 hours today, too.  Frustrating. 

So I am cold and frustrated and never have been patient waiting for lambs - I think I will go bake something.  It's Lent, but still - lemon chess pie sounds good.  I have a lot of lemons on the tree right now, and we're full up of marmalade....

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