Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bawling Babies

So, this little ewe lamb keeps getting "lost."  Sometimes, she doesn't get out the gate with the others and just stands there bawling.  I have to lift her up so she can see over the hill and then she starts running in the air, so I put her down and let her go.  Sometimes, I have to carry her out, if the sheep have turned the corner. 

Sometimes, I hear her crying out in the pasture - if it goes on long enough, I go out and find her.  Once, I found her standing five feet away from her mother facing the wrong way.  Her mama was patiently bawling back at her (saying, I swear, "Turn around, girl!") I picked her up, turned her around, and she spied her mom and ran over. 

There is a reason sheep have the reputation they do.  It doesn't apply to all sheep, but this one takes the cake.  Either that, or she loves to make noise. 

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