Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tropical Storm Warning

Sadly, they named the storm "Flossie" which was probably a mistake as Flossie was the hurricane that didn't happen in 2007.  I see on Facebook that a lot of younger people are dismissing the storm, partially because we've had a series of natural disasters that didn't really happen (or were small enough to feel like they didn't, unless YOUR house was the one that got washed into Kealakekua Bay). 

Even I was dismissing it until this morning and I've lived through two hurricanes.  I am still not totally worried;  I think we'll take down the trampoline tarpaulin and secure some of the loose fly away stuff around, but we're not near the water and we've had up to 24 inches of rain in 24 hours without much effect.  The sheep stall might get nasty, but everything else should be fine.

I am mildly worried that our water tanks could get damaged (they are in a new place since the last big weather), but I think things will be fine.  The real issue for me is that my BABY GIRL has her 9th grade orientation tomorrow.  Wondering if they'll cancel or if I will be driving in wind and rain - but mostly thinking - WOW,  I am OLD. 

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