Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wind's Picking Up

The wind is picking up a bit, but it is an astonishingly beautiful day - and effectively my last day of summer.  I don't report to work until Tuesday, but my daughter is meant to be in her 9th grade orientation, so .... I will be at work.  Unless of course, they cancel it due to the weather. 

I also have to go the DMV, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it's going to be closed because of this storm - Maui County has closed their offices for tomorrow, but I haven't seen a similar announcement for Hawaii County, but I do notice a few public schools which are opening tomorrow....aren't.  Now, I am wishing that I had gone to the DMV on Friday - I was down in town pretty much all day dealing with getting school stuff: the formal dress uniform that costs a bundle and the kids wear exactly 5 times in their whole high school career (I kept my older daughter's but they changed they style for the 9th graders only, sigh), folders, pencil cases, trading in old, too small uniforms for other people's old uniforms. It's worth it going through boxes of old uniforms, because one uniform set new is over $50 - they last forever.  My son is wearing shirts his brother wore for 4 years and they are hardly worn.  Very sturdy buggers. 

My husband is NOT going to be happy if he is the one who has to go to the DMV because I have to go to work on Tuesday - I was counting on doing it on Monday.  He is already NOT happy that he gets the joy of taking our daughter to her physical.  Wait til he finds out he also has to take her back on Thursday to get the TB shot read, too.  I think I will let the nurse tell him that part. 

The last time we had 50 mph winds was when we still lived in the cabin.  I kept feeling like the roof was going to rip off, because it wasn't completely screwed down - and the cabin was really kind of shack - the roof was nailed onto rafters and those rafters were our ceiling.  If the roof had blown off, it would have meant rain on our head.  Several buildings in Hilo lost roofs that storm, but we didn't.  Then in the last few years we've had two little tsunami, one no show hurricane (also named Flossie), and 12-13 years ago, we had 24 inches of rain in 24 hours.  We couldn't hear anything, because that much rain pounding on a metal roof is LOUD.  Some bridges washed out that storm, but on our property, you couldn't tell anything major had happened.  It wasn't until you went out and saw the drainage ditches had eroded and taken out chunks of road that it seemed anything significant had happened. 

Now, though, we have barns, and that greenhouse structure, and the trampoline thing - and our water tanks have moved - are closer to trees.  Usually, though, the massive size of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa push storms off to the side, so it will probably be worse up on the north of the island and just wet (when is it not wet here?)  here.  We'll see. 


HeirloomRosaries said...

Praying for you, your property and the little(?) one' s orientation.

NancyDe said...

Everything is fine here....everything was cancelled, but although we were without power for quite a long time and our phone is still trees blew over, very little rain on our end of the island.

We flew kites until it did rain, played Monopoly and sewed. Even the 15 year old sewed a seam.

Is everything fine on Oahu?