Monday, July 29, 2013

Storm Update

It got very windy here, but we had little rain.  We lost power and phone and cell service for several hours. 

I had already decided to work on my quilt - one break time project I didn't work on at all.  It did get quite dark with the stormy skies, but I sat near a window and did my best.  My daughter worked on a little bag and my son decided to take a shot a sewing a seam. 

We played Monopoly until we got sick of it - we said we'd play until 4:00, someone hit Free Parking, or the power came on.  The power came on at 10 minutes to 4, we all took one more roll to try for the Free Parking, and wrapped it up. 

Everyone is back on their electricity powered device again.  Sigh. 

It's still quite windy and our phone rings from the outside, but we have no dial tone.  I don't know why our telephone is so wimpy out here.  The cell towers must be back up because I have internet (4G) and my phone is finally showing a signal.

This was my last day of Summer...back to work tomorrow.  The students don't come back until next week, though.

I do wonder if the state will have a real hurricane this year.  Sometimes, it seems like if something starts this early, another is on its way.  I don't think the Big Island will ever get hit - those gigantic mountains seem to push the storms around us.  Maybe an edge might brush our shores, but it hasn't happened in recorded history.  We're more the tsunami island.  And the earthquake island - and the lava running over neighborhoods island. 

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