Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ram Shelter

My husband has been busting his okole to complete the ram pen and shelter.  The shelter is done - cinder floor (6 inch minus for drainage), fence poles for support, 2 x 4 rafters/purlings, and corrugated metal roofing.  The next step is fencing the area we laid out way back on Mother's Day - things take time around here.... 

The kids and I are back in school and pretty darned tired with it, too.  Back to 12 hour days, followed by homework and (for me - kid chores are for weekends, but mom chores are never done) household chores.  I am scrambling to get to know kids' names, faces, and abilities and needs in reading, writing, behavior, study habits, etc. etc.  It's exciting, like every school beginning, but exhausting, too.

On the other hand, I had WONDERFUL news from a friend of mine.  She needed a kidney transplant and the hospital was searching for some time.  They found a perfect match - and the donor had a wife who also needed a kidney, and my friend's husband was a perfect match for her.  Now, what are the odds of that?  One perfect match kidney donation is 1:100,000 - two boggles the mind.  All four were in surgery on Monday, and my friend's kidney function is nearly normal as of last night.  God is very good. 

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