Monday, August 19, 2013

Gorgeous Weekend

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend, as far as weather goes.  I spent most of Saturday in a concession stand selling manapua, chili plate, chili dog, chili nachos - you get the idea.  As I am, once again, the "team mom,"  I spent all of one shift and most of the second in the booth (I ducked out because somehow the desperation I must have projected at Thursday evening's XC Parent meeting really worked to bring in volunteers and it was crowded - but I went to my classroom and worked on rosters, etc). 

I hope this is a harbinger of things to come, because we have FOUR meets (usually two) at our school and one of them is the regional championship - which means begging for course marshals.  Oh, and I think I heard there were will be several mainland schools at our invitational - which means more potluck.  I hate that potluck.  Well, no, I like the potluck, but I loathe the begging for donations, stress of planning, and the panic some of the other moms display the morning of, "There's not enough food, Nancy!"  Yes, yes, there is  enough;  there is always enough.  In fact, there are always leftovers.  Mostly rice and chili, but still....leftovers. 

My other duty for "team mom" is to gather donations - usually monetary, because more parents would like me to go buy the food than would like to remember what day they are supposed to bring a snack.  I like this part of my duties, to be honest.  I like knowing that the food and drinks will be there before and after the race (I am sure gonna miss the dad who was a banana farmer, though - his son graduated), and I LOVE not having to call parents to remind them it is their week. 

Coach said, "Hey, I am so glad your son is a sophomore - and hey, your daughter is a freshman, maybe you can help me the year after he graduates, even if I am not her coach."  I told him, "Every year, I come this close to telling you we're recruiting someone new!"  In fact, I already have my eye on this new freshman mom.... She seems really organized and involved, and, you know, new and enthusaistic - this is my 8th year as an XC mom.

 On the other hand, this responsibility is forcing me to do things which are uncomfortable for me - like being a little bossy to strangers, speaking in public (to not-kids), and being more ruthlessly organized than I am used.  Time and task, I am organized on; paperwork, not so much.

I love that my daughter is also running, but that means, even if I am not team mom over there, I am a mom, and they do FOUR concessions, and I have to find two people from our family to course marshal.  That means my husband and I can't trade off meets so at least one of us can really watch...we'll both have to course marshal.  I am going to find SOMEONE to marshal for us both at the regional meet.  Our son has a decent chance to make the state meet this year, and I am going to watch that race!  At the least, I can beg for a spot at the finish line - I like being there anyway - even if you have a fair chance of being vomited on at some point or at least sweated on by a fainting runner.  All you people who think individual sports aren't as valuable as team sports ought to stand at the finish line of a XC race.

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