Sunday, August 11, 2013

Earthquake and the Last Stale Ends of a Tropical Storm

We were woken up this morning by what felt like a decent sized earthquake - although the news said it was only at 4.8.  It knocked down several little porcelain horse statues.  The last earthquake that knocked those down was a 6.7.  This was the end of several of them, sadly. 

It also knocked over a brass bookend horse I had from my grandmother, which was surprising, but it didn't knock over my statue of Mary - although it was awfully close to the edge.  I am glad that didn't break:  it was a wedding present from the sisters I worked with at my first teaching job. 

We've had the tail end of a erstwhile hurricane passing to the south of us.  It is now a tropical storm and we just got the outlying showers and icky-sticky humidity.  The kids had a pre-season race yesterday morning and it was pretty soggy from the rain and humid from the general atmosphere. 

We've been thinking about getting some podocarpus (Japanese yew) for our front property line, and we found some seedlings growing wild.  Today's project was to replant them in pots - hopefully, they'll grow and we can transplant them to the front.  My  husband, who usually avoids the greenhouse, other than to water if I have a string of late days, helped plant them, and then re-organized all the plants so like plants are together and the coffee seedlings (which are getting so big) are not shading everything. 

I spent a few hours helping my son clean - he is moving on Thursday.  I don't think they've vacuumed for an entire year.  Yuck.  The bathroom wasn't too bad, but I just said, "I'll leave this bottle of cleaner - you guys get the honor of cleaning your kitchen when you've done your dishes and emptied your fridge.  Yuck."  My son wishes his room mate was cleaner - he gets tired of doing his dishes, so sometimes he doesn't do them.  The two boys are moving in with two more boys - I hope they can get a cleaning schedule going. 

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