Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beautiful, beautiful weather

It's so beautiful, I may have to check those water tanks to see if we need to start conserving water. 

I stand in my classroom wishing I were on the horse (or at the beach) - and I am sure my kids are feeling the same way.  I asked one kid who mentioned he had a horse if he rode.  He said, "No,  I feed him and wave at him."  Basically, now that school is happening, that's all that's happening with me, too - I feed Gibby (or Mr. De does) and I wave at him. 

On one hand, I am consumed with doing a good job at my work - I am starting a peer tutoring program, I am thinking about doing National Board Teacher Certification, and I am determined to knock the ball out of the park in my classroom this year.  I'd like to do NaNoWriMo with a group of students in November, too.  I think I will be comatose by Christmas - just in time to sleep for a week once the festivities are over!  I am in the talking stage for teaching a class during summer school - Research Writing which is SUCH a fun class to teach.  I haven't taught summer school for over a decade....kind of mixed feelings, because if I am going to be comatose by Christmas, I'll be one foot in the grave by May - but the extra money and especially the chance to teach a class I developed and loved again will be really a blast. 

On the other hand, I am making zero progress on the food from the garden idea.  My husband is going gang-busters, though.  He's clearing for the fencing for the ram pen (he finished the shed) and the next two big projects are a bigger greenhouse and a large area for new chickens.  I guess I should be happy things are happening, even if they aren't resulting in immediate food. 

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